»The kids want communism!«

200 years Karl Marx

Posters of the HfG Offenbach and School of Fine Art/NNU Nanjing

Publisher: Klaus Hesse und Felix Kosok in 2019

HfG Verlag Offenbach, ISBN 978-3-945365-20-5, english, Format 210 x 285 mm, 168 pages, 4C


Text and design by Klaus Hesse

Publisher Bernd Kracke in 2010

100 Posters for HfG Offenbach

2001 until 2010, Format 181 x 242 mm, 5-farbig, 272 pages, 150 images, bilingual german/english, Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz, ISBN 978 3 87439 804 6

»Helvetica Man«

Views on type fonts by Klaus Hesse

Entertaining associations with typography, compiled by the knowledgeable but never pontificating Klaus Hesse, provide an unusual examination of the character of letters, beyond the traditional manuals for printers. Typesets are "types" for a reason - and indeed there are brushed-up ones, noble, dark, young, edgy and round ones. Hesse's analysis finally provides the emotional context to the choice of a typeset as basis for visual communication. Published in 1999. With contributions from Esther Dosch, Gerd George, Dauwe Den Hertog, Bernd Neuzner, Peter Oprach and Klaus Steiner. Awarded with Gold by the Art Directors Club of New York 2000 and with gold at the 31st Berliner Type. Hermann Schmidt Verlag Mainz, ISBN 3-87439-470-0

Books/Magazines with contributions

»Krisen ohne Ende«, Publikation: Krisen sichtbar machen – Dialog zwischen Wissenschaft, Kunst und Design, Springer Verlag 2021, ISBN 658350792

»PAN Kalender 2016«, PAN Kunstforum Niederrhein, Emmerich am Rhein

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»The Winner takes it all?«, The 2006 World Football Championschip, »Identity« Branding and Design Magazin Moskau, 2005

»Ball im Kopf«, Kult ums Kicken, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, 2005

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»Index Logo« mitp-Verlag Bonn, 2005

»Kieler Woche«, étapes France, 2005

»Toutes voiles dehors«, étapes France, 2005

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Plakate von Klaus Hesse, 1000 Graphic Elements, Rockport Publishing, USA, 2004

Hesse-Logotypes, Around Europe Logos, Index Book Barcelona, 2004

»Salon Digital«, Designs that stand up, Rockport Publishing, USA, 2004

Corporate Design »Mark-E«, Branding Design, Graphic-sha Publishing, Tokyo Japan 2004

Erco Lightcontrol Interface, Information Design Source Book 2003, Tokyo Japan

Bildersprache Otto Neurath, WUV Universitätsverlag Wien 2002

Handbuch für Kommunikationsdesign 1993 und 1995

Design Profile 1998, 2000 und 2002, form verlag

Zoo? the ultimative creative reference tool 1999 (UK)

neugierig 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, Hermann Schmidt Verlag Mainz

u.a. Jahrbücher des ADC D, ADC NY, ADC Europe, D&AD UK, TDC NY, Red Dot Award, Berliner Type, Graphis Poster 1992, Graphis Design 1993 und 1994, Graphis Logo 2 1994, Korea International Biennale 2004


2015 Sushi 15

»There are easier ways to earn money, honestly« Magazine for Young Creativity, AV-Edition

2012 Sushi 14

»Attitude«, Magazine for Young Creativity, AV-Edition

2011 Sushi 13

»Search for«, Magazine for Young Creativity, AV-Edition

2010 Sushi 12

»New«, Magazine for Young Creativity, AV-Edition

2010 Design by Doing 9

»Vitamin D«, Publisher Christine and Klaus Hesse, HfG-Verlag

2009 Sushi 11

»Nobody reads anyway«, Magazine for Young Creativity, Hermann Schmidt Verlag

2008 Parcours

by Katrin Schacke and Sophia Muckle, Coaching Klaus Hesse, Hermann Schmidt Verlag

2008 New building

Architecture documentation, HfG-Verlag

2008 Sushi 10

»Hiking«, Magazine for Young Creativity, Hermann Schmidt Verlag

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Publisher Dr. Peter Königshof, Senckenberg Naturmuseum Frankfurt, Author Dr. Martin Dorn

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2006 Sushi 8

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2005 »B-page«

Art and Design in Offenbach, HfG-Verlag

2005 Sushi 7

»Private«, Magazine for Young Creativity, Hermann Schmidt Verlag

2004 Sushi 6

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2003 It goes

1st HfG Annual report, HfG-Verlag

2003 Sushi 5

»Love«, Magazine for Young Creativity, Hermann Schmidt Verlag

2003 Sushi 4

»Adventure«, Magazine for Young Creativity, Hermann Schmidt Verlag

2002 Design by Doing 8

»Düsseldorf 2000 to 2012«, Publisher Christine und Klaus Hesse, HfG-Verlag

2002 Sushi 3

Magazine for Young Creativity, Hermann Schmidt Verlag

2001 Sushi 2

Magazine for Young Creativity, Hermann Schmidt Verlag

2000 Sushi 1

Magazine for Young Creativity, Hermann Schmidt Verlag

Sushi – Magazine for Young Creativity